New Beta Firmware 19 April 2016

U4 Quad Hybrid
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20 Apr 2016, 15:55

Hi ,,still problems when i move channels on favorite list ,,,,
I want to manage the real list of channels to select more than one channel to move or delete more than one channel
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21 Apr 2016, 00:21

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21 Apr 2016, 10:28

On occasion box will drop sound. Sometimes flipping the sound track will bring back. Sometimes have to reboot,(Hard Reboot), to get it back. Yesterday I actually had to reflash the box to get sound back.

Also the box does not want to switch on diseq-c. When changing satellites the receiver does not aquire the signal until I go to the Setup menu and select the tuner. Then it will switch. Thanls.
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02 May 2016, 21:14

if possible, add 8psk symbol rate? because i use sat 110 and 119 usa, and new frecuency is 12224 v 21500 8psk, and this reciever have only qpsk
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05 May 2016, 13:18

Just to chime in again. I had experienced all the bugs reported in this thread. Plus the things I complained about. I did like the way the firmware was going with the grouping and stuff. That said, the box had a bad overheating problem causing it to crash and have to be rebooted after it cooled down with this last beta version. At this time I went back to last stable firmware and am awaiting a response to this last beta version. Hope to hear something soon. This stuff will need to be done or customers will leave and go elsewhere for their equipment. That would be a shame since this box is capable of alot that other boxes can't do. Also if 4:2:2 chroma color sampling could be added, this would be a guarantee to sell boxes. Hope to hear something. Have a great day!
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05 May 2016, 14:54

Hi Everyone,

I recently bought this product from one of the famous Chinese E-commerce Site as the product sounded really unique & of course, within my budget. I was very excited to get this product.
But when i received it and tried to connect it to my current Cable service provider, it couldn't impress me that much, because of lack of information supplied to be able to customize it as per my individual requirements.
In my country, all the cable TV service providers, probably use old encryption systems for DVB-C especially. Also all the providers either bind the CA card to the Box OR alternatively bind the set top box details to their network encryption to the appropriate package of Channels. They don't allow buying our own boxes with better functionality either. <B>In short, the DVB-C box can be with or without CA Card <B>
With my U4 UHD DVB-S2/C/T2 combo box, I can scan those channels but unable to watch them.
What I really want to do is to replicate then existing box's (which is without CA card) system parameters to my new Hi3796 so that replace my old box with this one and use more and unique features of this product. Admin please help.
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05 May 2016, 19:46

Wich country?
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09 May 2016, 07:25

dude-nl wrote:Wich country?
Sorry for the delay in reverting back. I'm in New Delhi, India
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09 May 2016, 12:46

Hello everybody!

Could anyone tell me is it possible to run ISO-image file of film with full original BD-disc menu in this player? The built-in player can play main video or emulation of chapters selection menu only((((

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