U5 PVR Firmware-20170504

Firmware History
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Update history

1. Full version Firmware
- After getting your Box, we strongly recommend to upgrade Full version.
- It will clean all user data and user App. so please download this SW after getting new box or when you need to clear all your data and App.
- If you use this version, also Linux OS will clear. it will load only Android OS part.

1. Full Version[20170504] : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9uvs ... GlRcnY0MVk

2. Normal version Firmware :
- It will update firmware except user data and user Apps.
- To keep your Apps, channel DB and Linux part OS, please use this version.
- Unfortunately, we can not support Normal version of this software release.

3. Linux part Firmware :
- Linux partition firmware will locate under Android OS partition.
- Even if you install Linux part Firmware, Android OS part will keep to exist.
3. Linux version : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9uvs ... Upra2RJRGs

All upgrades can be applied through the network upgrade function.

Detail Update history

1. Support Google TV Remote include Voice feature.
2. Added Device name edit function
3 Fixed the problem of not pressing Exit key in 17.1 version of Kodi.
4 Fixed breaking of Korean subtitle font in HimediaPlayer
5 Fixed to come out Internal MediaPlayer, When you use NAS side to LAN via ES explorer,
6 Subtitle position can be changed by up / down key in Internal MediaPlayer.

It seems like you have to give a few words of excuse to users of this product.
Today we prepared the software for the release of the software, divided the "Full" version and the "Normal" version to prepare the software,
While testing the "Normal" version added to the above No.1 function, the Google TV Service included in the existing software would be installed with the same name as the Google TV App. With Normal version, the service should be deleted, but unfortunately, the Update Script could not be deleted. We do not think it will be able to support "Normal" version in this updated version.

For Linux Part users, please use the Linux backup/Restore function to backup and restore the existing installation environment.
Unfortunately, Android version does not seem to be able to backup when upgrading.

To prevent this from happening in the future, we will review the backup / restore method of the Android system and prepare for the future.
After the initial release of the product, there are various cases due to the simultaneous use of the Linux system and the Android system.

We hope that the Linux system will be stabilized together in a short period of time, and we hope that you will be able to support two missing features (Chrome Cast, screen saver function) in comparison with the official ATV product.
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