ATV7 April Update Pixelation vs ATV5 no Pixelation at all

Bugs, Issue report.
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24 May 2018, 17:21


recently my box just got updated and I reported the issue on the google plus group however I have been ignored as usual...

the main problem is, that all my sat channels are getting lock's up and pixelation, the problem for me seems to be with the last driver, because this does not happens when using enigma 2 and ATV5...

ATV5 video 0 pixelation, works like a charm, I have moved completely back to ATV5...





I'm sorry for the mess of my house, we are facing some home improvements due to my newborn baby...
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23 Sep 2018, 05:53

Congrats for the newborn. I'm one of the old user of U4. Trying to know the challenges with U5 before making my mind to order one.
Can I ask, if your issue has been resolved now? Any other challenge with the device?
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